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How Much Does Website Design Cost?

From the fingertips of Jose Vasquez on 03.03.15

In many ways, starting a website has made it easier than ever to get a new business running. However, it isn't enough to simply buy a domain name and post your basic contact information. Google rates websites based on the quality of their design, meaning that a substandard site can take a toll on your business's online visibility. Moreover, the average viewer has highly selective web browsing habits, especially now that mobile devices are so...

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7 Social Media Tricks that Earn the Most Followers

From the fingertips of Derek Bryan on 03.03.15


Social media can be a confusing game for businesses attempting to generate leads, but these seven tricks will earn you the most followers.

Social media marketing shouldn’t just be a race to get the highest number of followers, but there’s no doubt having more followers is definitely a good thing. Once you iron out your lead generation and conversion strategies, you can start focusing on building a bigger followship.


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7 Words to Banish from Your Content Marketing Strategy

From the fingertips of Derek Bryan on 02.24.15


Having a content marketing strategy puts you ahead of everyone who doesn’t have one, but if you’re new to content marketing, you need to stop using these seven words.

Content marketing means writing new features on a weekly—if not daily—basis, and if you’re the only person writing material, that means you’re vulnerable to repetition, or getting stuck in a rut. No matter how expansive your vocabulary is, if you’re writing...

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cat: Brand Rhetoric

How Brand Rhetoric Can Get You Leads

From the fingertips of Derek Bryan on 02.17.15


Brand rhetoric is a theory that focuses on crafting a unique brand voice, but many underestimate its utility in generating new leads.

Brand rhetoric involves creating and using a unique brand voice for your company across multiple different channels so your customers become more familiar with your brand as a personality. Using brand rhetoric effectively can ensure a healthy relationship between your brand and your customers, ultimately...

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10 Easy Tricks to Improve ROI in Higher Education Marketing

From the fingertips of Derek Bryan on 02.10.15


ROI is everything in the world of higher education marketing, and these 10 tricks can help you improve it.

In higher education marketing, most colleges and universities have a limited budget to work with. But instead of focusing on limiting total spend, universities should focus on return on investment, or ROI. A high ROI means you’ll see more revenue for every marketing dollar you spend, so even...

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cat: Higher Education

4 Steps to Improved ROI in Higher Education Marketing

From the fingertips of Derek Bryan on 02.03.15


Many colleges and universities struggle with a small marketing budget, or fear the results of a marketing and advertising campaign will not be worth the money or effort it takes to pull one off. It’s a real concern that extends throughout the world of higher education marketing, among big and small players alike. But with a few simple strategic adjustments, you can step up your game and secure a much higher...

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Three SEO Tips for 2015

From the fingertips of Jose Vasquez on 01.28.15

You likely have a number of personal goals you want to accomplish in 2015. If you want to see better results in your professional life, you will also need to have a plan for your business in the new year. However, with all of the ways online advertising and SEO has changed in the past few months, it can be difficult to know how to market your business in 2015. For this reason, many companies...

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Improving Ethos: Quick Fixes to Build Your Authority

From the fingertips of Derek Bryan on 01.20.15


Even without investing in a full brand rhetoric strategy, you can apply these quick fixes to build your Ethos as a business.

Your brand rhetoric is responsible for forming people’s opinions and perceptions of your business, both directly and indirectly. Your Ethos as a brand is often the first and most important facet of rhetoric that people pick up on—it’s responsible for conveying your authority, respectability,...

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cat: Brand Rhetoric

How to Master the SEO Hierarchy

From the fingertips of Derek Bryan on 01.13.15


The most important facets of an SEO campaign can be broken down into a pyramid-like hierarchy of significance.

If you’re just starting out in the world of search engine optimization, it might be difficult to determine your top priorities. Most newcomers start out with what they’re most familiar with or most comfortable with—such as a writer starting by writing strong content.

In order to stand out from your competition, you’ll need to develop a brand voice that is both engaging and unique.

While most companies understand the importance of having a fleshed out, consistent brand, many overlook the potential impact of a unique brand voice. Your tone across all written materials, including web and print applications, conveys a subtle and powerful image of your company. With a solid,...

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