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8 Ways to Build Quality Backlinks for SEO

From the fingertips of Derek Bryan on 08.26.14


Backlinks are a powerful tool to build your domain authority and keyword ranks, but be careful how you implement them in your strategy.

Backlinks have always been important for SEO. In the old days of Google, having more backlinks was always an easy ticket to the top rank, but nowadays, Google is on the lookout for link spammers and other schemers trying...

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Why You Should Pay More for SEO

From the fingertips of Jose Vasquez on 08.20.14

It seems to go against common sense: why would you try to pay more for a service such as search engine optimization (SEO)? Isn't that just throwing money out the window, into the waiting hands of a greedy SEO marketing agency?

The problem is that not all services are created equal. More money spent on a campaign typically means more time spent on it -- and a consequently higher quality. Consider this: search rankings are a...

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Three Ways That Finding the Right SEO is Like Buying a Car

From the fingertips of Jose Vasquez on 08.18.14

For many small businesses, finding a good search engine optimization or SEO marketing agency is like trying to pick out your first car as a teenager. Unless you grew up learning a thing or two about cars, the process can be intimidating. Used or new? Buy or lease? Hyundai or Ford? Sunroof or USB port? And that's just the beginning.
Did you know that between 70% and 80% of search engine users do not end up scrolling past the first page of results? If your webpage is buried on the fourth page of results for keywords relevant to your products and services, then your intended audience might never hear of you.
Social media marketing is filled with nuances and tricks that can make or break your campaign.

To most people, social media marketing is about creating a Facebook page and hoping that people come by and “like” it. To buzzword-happy entrepreneurs, social media marketing is the be-all end-all channel for inbound lead generation—but actually getting achievable results is a...

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Content Marketing 101: The Basics You Need to Get Started

From the fingertips of Derek Bryan on 08.05.14


Content marketing is one of the most cost-efficient marketing strategies around, but it’s hard to gain momentum unless you know what you’re doing.


Content marketing might seem simple in theory, but once you sit down to start, you might find yourself perplexed and uncertain. Sure, the premise is basic: write informative, engaging posts on a weekly basis to build a...

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5 Maketing Tips to Learn from the X-Men

From the fingertips of Derek Bryan on 07.29.14


Whether you’re an avid comic reader or just know the X-men by name alone, we bet you didn’t expect to learn something about marketing from the mutant superheroes.

In a universe rich with different powered heroes and villains, the X-men have made a name for themselves in comics, TV shows, and films. With Professor X and Magneto serving as analogues for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr....

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5 Deadly Mistakes Made by Startup Tech Companies

From the fingertips of Jose Vasquez on 07.28.14


Many new entrepreneurs of startup tech companies have suffered from these five deadly mistakes—don’t become one of them!

As an entrepreneur, new or experienced, impulsive or plan-focused, you’re going to make mistakes. It’s a constant fact of business ownership no matter who you are or what kind of company you run. But not all mistakes are equal. There are small, easily fixable mistakes that happen on a near-daily basis, such...

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