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SEO is Not Dead, and Here's How it Can Shape Up Your Ship

From the fingertips of Jose Vasquez on 04.23.14

Is SEO dead? The answer to this lies in a popular internet aphorism: "if the title asks a question, the answer is no." And, as many people have come to realize as the question has been answered over and over throughout the years, SEO is likely going to remain alive for many years to come.

If you’re looking for some direction in the world of marketing for manufacturers, consider these helpful first steps.

Manufacturers face many common marketing challenges. First, they’re usually B2B marketers without a clear definition of a target demographic. Second, they struggle coming up with a unique brand voice that distinguishes them from the competition. Third, they often face a severely restricted...

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The Disappearance of Paid Apps for Startup Tech Companies

From the fingertips of Jose Vasquez on 04.15.14


Paid apps are becoming less and less popular for startup tech companies because of an accelerating decline in consumer purchases.

Purchasable apps used to be a driving factor for most startup tech companies—either as a reason to start a company in the first place or as an outlet to gain more momentum for an idea already in existence. For a time, it was a great way to make...

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How to Master the SEO Hierarchy

From the fingertips of Derek Bryan on 04.15.14


The most important facets of an SEO campaign can be broken down into a pyramid-like hierarchy of significance.

If you’re just starting out in the world of search engine optimization, it might be difficult to determine your top priorities. Most newcomers start out with what they’re most familiar with or most comfortable with—such as a writer starting by writing strong content.

There’s nothing...

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SEO Companies: Your One Stop Web Design Shop

From the fingertips of Derek Bryan on 04.12.14

It would not be an understatement to say that the internet is an essential part of our world's functioning. Billions of people use the internet to work, run their business, communicate with each other, and keep up to date on world news. For companies, the web has created a forum for them to advertise, sell, and promote their products and services. In this area, search engine...

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How Retargeting, SEO, and Mobile Can Help Your Website

From the fingertips of Jose Vasquez on 04.11.14

In 2014, marketing is no longer about making sure your ad in the phonebook is the biggest and most eye-catching -- nor is it about spamming the local radio and television stations with news of your amazing offers. While these services, of course, do still exist, marketing has now entered the online world, and it's a different playing field there.
Manufacturing marketing professionals should harness the collective power of these four complementary digital marketing strategies.

Manufacturing companies often struggle with digital marketing strategies, in part because of their niche demographics and in part because of their adherence to traditional marketing over new marketing paradigms. However, even though manufacturing firms often require a very different approach than consumer-focused brands, there are four digital marketing strategies that...

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Comparing the Costs of a Social Marketing Firm to the Rewards

From the fingertips of Jose Vasquez on 04.08.14

Digital marketing firms have quickly become an essential part of many businesses' success online. With eMarketer estimating that web users across the world will spend $1.5 trillion on goods and services purchased online by the end of 2014, the role of internet marketing firms will not be diminishing anytime soon.

One of the biggest growth sectors in the online world has been social media. According to Statistic Brain, more than two billion people use social...

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Why to Hire a Design and SEO Firm for Your Medical Website

From the fingertips of Jose Vasquez on 04.08.14

For many businesses, having a great ad campaign is a great first step in attracting customers. However, did you know that all aspects of your web presence are also important? Having a beautifully designed website that is optimized to appear high in search engine rankings is the best way to stand out from the competition.

Consider these facts about consumers: Most people, when they hear about a company that piques their interest, will search for...

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Keys to Compelling New Leads Through Language

From the fingertips of Derek Bryan on 04.08.14


Craft a compelling message for your incoming digital marketing leads in order to secure a higher conversion ratio.

Most digital marketing strategies revolve around a simple premise: drive people to a location, such as a landing page or a full website, and convince them to “convert,” by sending you their personal information or showing interest in learning more about your products or services. The premise...

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