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5 Ways Content Marketing Fuels Your Other Marketing Strategies

From the fingertips of Derek Bryan on 05.19.15


Content marketing is sometimes seen as an independent strategy, but it’s actually an enhancer for your other campaigns.

Content marketing, put simply, is the process of publishing ongoing content in the form of articles, infographics, videos, and other mediums on your blog or website. The goal is to make your brand seem more attractive, get more people to your site, and increase the likelihood of conversion for each visitor....

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The Big Problem Most Companies Face With Local SEO

From the fingertips of Derek Bryan on 05.12.15


Local SEO is a valuable strategy, but most companies face this major problem with their campaigns.

For most companies, national SEO is a lost cause. The online market, on a national scale, is simply too large to overcome at this point. Ranking for a high-volume national keyword would require you to match the efforts of billion-dollar brands and long-established authorities to get a fraction of their attention, which demands time,...

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4 Overrated Social Media Platforms for Social Media Marketing

From the fingertips of Derek Bryan on 05.05.15


There are plenty of solid ways to build a social media presence, but these four platforms are simply overrated for corporate use.

Social media is a buzzworthy item in your marketing arsenal. It’s received a lot of attention because of its newness and its great potential, but too many marketers focus on doing “something” with social media instead of zeroing in on...

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5 Easy to Implement SEO Tricks You Might Be Forgetting to Use

From the fingertips of Derek Bryan on 04.28.15


If you have an SEO campaign, you’re probably writing onsite articles and posting backlinks on a regular basis, but you might be forgetting these five little SEO tricks.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is still one of the best ways to generate traffic to your site, and with the sheer volume of competition on the web, it’s become an almost essential feature in any marketing strategy. By now, you...

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The 3 Brand Rhetoric Tactics You Need to be Using

From the fingertips of Derek Bryan on 04.21.15


Brand rhetoric is the vehicle that will improve the voice of your brand and help you secure the loyalty of new and old customers alike. When integrated with a content marketing strategy, you can harness the benefits of brand rhetoric by capturing new leads and encouraging further conversions.

Over time, you’ll get a better feel for what rhetorical strategies are effective and which ones are not, but when you first...

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Combining Brand Rhetoric with SEO: Balancing Your Content

From the fingertips of Derek Bryan on 04.14.15


SEO is a major staple of any modern digital marketing strategy, but if you don’t use brand rhetoric to shape it, you could be missing critical strategic details.

As most entrepreneurs realize, the vast majority of the population now uses search engines to find solutions to their problems. Whether you’re solving consumer need issues or dealing with people in business dilemmas, using SEO to rank yourself...

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6 First Impressions that Prove the Importance of Web Design

From the fingertips of Derek Bryan on 04.09.15


Web design is sometimes underrated and undervalued, especially by small businesses who believe they cannot afford to spend much time or effort on a redesign. However, web design is one of the most important elements of an online marketing strategy—and these potential first impressions of visitors illustrate why:

1.       Distraction. Links that lead...

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3 Steps to Get Started with SEO

From the fingertips of Derek Bryan on 03.31.15


Getting started with SEO is relatively easy, and as long as you remain consistent with your strategy, you can see tremendous results.

Search engine optimization can seem intimidating for a marketer who’s never experimented with it before. Understanding all the numbers that go into technical SEO analysis, coupled with the complexities of the ever-changing search engine algorithms inherent in the SEO world, can make any new...

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3 Pillars of Rhetoric in the Social Media Marketing World

From the fingertips of Derek Bryan on 03.24.15


Leveraging the three main pillars of rhetoric will allow you to take more control over your social media marketing campaign.

Most people treat social media marketing as a one-time deal, creating the company profiles for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, then sporadically updating the pages only as they happen to think about it. A smaller percentage actually takes the time to plan out regular posts and...

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