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6 Decisions You Need to Make for Your Brand Voice

From the fingertips of Derek Bryan on 07.22.14


It takes time to perfect your brand’s voice, but when it’s finished, you’ll have a consistent platform your customers will grow to love.

Your brand voice is an important element of your overall brand, responsible for giving people a consistent feel throughout all mediums of communication you plan to use. The more developed and precise your brand voice is, the better customer relationships you’ll build through your company’s...

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cat: Brand Rhetoric

The Importance of Collaboration in Startup Tech Companies

From the fingertips of Jose Vasquez on 07.21.14


The power of collaboration can inject your startup with new ideas, improve your efficiency with tighter teamwork, and provide you with new resources and connections to leverage in the future.

Very few startup tech companies find success through one individual’s sole efforts. It takes a team, working together through their individual strengths and weaknesses, to produce the best results. As an entrepreneur, you likely know this, and have already...

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Three Things to Look for in a Fresh SEO Agency

From the fingertips of Jose Vasquez on 07.18.14

It's no surprise that many businesses are searching for the best SEO agencies to handle their search engine optimization. About 80% of search users never scroll past the first page of results, and Google alone handles billions of queries for products, services and information each week.

A top SEO agency is, in some ways, like a perfect piece of fruit. When you go the grocery store, you try to get the fruit that...

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15 Content Ideas for Your Social Media Campaign

From the fingertips of Derek Bryan on 07.15.14


When you first start your social media marketing campaign, you might struggle with new content ideas, so we’ve come up with a long list to keep you busy.

In social media marketing, creating great, consistent content is the key to success, but content comes in all forms. If you’re having trouble coming up with new ideas for content in your campaign, try some of these ideas:

Most startup tech companies use extensive planning to make their business successful, but conventional planning isn’t always the most effective way to plot a course.

When you think of planning, what comes to mind first? For most entrepreneurs, it’s a long process that involves heavy hours of research, data analysis, and eventually a single path that represents where the entrepreneur would like to see the business go. This plan...

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5 Marketing Tips to Learn from Game of Thrones

From the fingertips of Derek Bryan on 07.10.14


Game of Thrones has exploded in popularity because of its dynamic characters and enthralling storylines, but it can also teach us a few things about marketing.

Set in a world of warring kingdoms, ancient magic, and a hell of a lot of major character deaths, Game of Thrones has quickly escalated to become one of the most popular television series around. While the intense violence and...

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5 SEO Mistakes You Might Still Be Making

From the fingertips of Derek Bryan on 07.08.14


Despite the many changes and advancements of search engine algorithms, there are still some basic mistakes that many people constantly make.

Old school practices of search engine optimization are all but obsolete, but that doesn’t stop people from staying stuck in the same old school mindsets. With Google making regular changes to its search algorithms and doing its best to squelch the...

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How to Find a Space for Startup Tech Companies

From the fingertips of Jose Vasquez on 07.07.14


When you’re first starting out as an entrepreneur, it can be difficult to find just the right amount of space you need for your business.

Just like everybody needs a shelter, every startup needs an office, though the exact definition of an “office” is rapidly changing. It used to mean having a spacious interior that could accommodate several workers, but the dawn of telecommuting as a viable medium of...

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5 Features Your Website Absolutely Needs to Have

From the fingertips of Derek Bryan on 07.03.14


No matter what industry you’re in, there are certain features that every website absolutely must have.

Web design is a tricky, ever-changing landscape, with ample gray areas of subjectivity and a degree of unpredictability. What’s important to a website now is very different from what was important to a website in 1999, and what’s important for a consumer-facing e-commerce platform is very...

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cat: Graphic Design

Three Things You Should Know About Website Design Agencies

From the fingertips of Jose Vasquez on 07.01.14

"After sending two invoices for payment, I sent another and called the client when the receipt that they had received it came back," starts one individual's story on the popular website, Clients From Hell. The client asks why they're calling, and the website developer explains that they owe money, as per a signed contract. The client then exclaims, "I thought you were joking!" "Why?"...

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