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3 Pillars of Rhetoric in the Social Media Marketing World


Leveraging the three main pillars of rhetoric will allow you to take more control over your social media marketing campaign.

Most people treat social media marketing as a one-time deal, creating the company profiles for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, then sporadically updating the pages only as they happen to think about it. A smaller percentage actually takes the time to plan out regular posts and engage with their audience, but even that crowd misses one of the most fundamentally important qualities of a successful social media marketing campaign: a consistent brand voice.

Your brand voice is a subtle factor that evolves over time, but it’s majorly responsible for bringing new potential customers to your business and keeping your current social fans happy. That’s why these three pillars of brand rhetoric, developed from ancient theories of rhetoric and persuasion, are essential for social media marketing success:

·  Ethos. Your ethos is essentially your authority, or the degree of respect that people hold in your brand. You can speak to your ethos by talking about your history, talking about your capabilities, or even talking about what you’ve given back to the community. Build your reputation and gain appreciation.

·  Pathos. Your pathos is an emotional appeal. What feeling should customers get from your messages that they won’t find anywhere else? Think about how you want your audience to feel and contour your language to appropriately match that emotion.

·  Logos. Logos is a logical appeal. The logos present in your messages should be evident to someone familiar or unfamiliar with your brand, and should logically convey the advantages of your company. These are items like statistics, facts, and prices.

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