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5 Reasons to Brand an Individual Before Startup Tech Companies


When starting to brand your startup tech company, consider branding yourself first.

When most people think about branding, they think about creating a logo and a set of identity standards for a business, but branding can extend beyond the identity of a company. Many entrepreneurs, freelancers, and even entertainers have risen to success because they recognized the value of building a personal brand.

Your personal brand is a spin on your own identity; you can embellish it, twist it, or just present yourself as is. But like with any corporate brand, you need to keep it consistent and you need to make sure it comes across as valuable to your target audience. Building a personal brand can be challenging, but for entrepreneurs looking to start a business, there are several key advantages to building a personal brand first:

1.  Experience. When you’ve had the experience of branding yourself, you’ll be exposed to the world of public identity. For new entrepreneurs, this is crucial in order to find success when it’s time to start a business. Think of your individual brand as a kind of trial run.

2.  Exposure. The more you start building your individual brand, the more exposure you’ll get to people in your own industry. Make as many new connections as possible and always be open to new opportunities.

3.  Audience. Your followers and connections will eventually grow familiar with you, and get excited about new opportunities you unveil. When you launch your business, you’ll have a respectable audience already interested in your products and services.

4.  Backup. In case things don’t work out for your startup as positively as you hope, it’s good to have a backup platform for yourself. By building a personal brand, you’ll have an identity outside your company.

5.  Future Clout. If your company is successful, having a personal brand to see everything through will make it easier to fund, create, and launch your next venture.

These are only a handful of reasons why it’s important to brand yourself before you brand your startup tech company. Start with a social media presence, and build out from there.

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