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Email Marketing Campaign Images: Top Dos and Don’ts

Organizing an email marketing campaign is a great and cheap way to maximize the potential market lurking on the internet. But you need to go in with a strategy if you want to make the most of your endeavor—or else you might only end up getting in somebody’s junk folder. Using images is almost always a good idea, since people have ridiculously low attention spans, and you need something to catch their eye immediately. Here are some best practices to employ your email marketing images as effectively as possible:


  • ·         Implement an image that you want people to associate with you—first impressions are powerful, so don’t waste time with an image that may not be perfectly appropriate.
  • ·         Keep it consistent with your branding! You’ve worked hard to build your brand (or maybe you haven’t yet—in which case, we can help you with that!), so make sure to harness your image, logo, and colors (if appropriate) in the images you send out.
  • ·         Prove your value—or you’re getting deleted. Catch their interest with a special offer, or something unique that will actually be worth something to them.
  • ·         Don’t overwhelm your audience. Be bold and eye-catching, but don’t bombard your reader with unnecessarily complex or bogged down visuals.
  • ·         Keep it fresh—while brand consistency is still important, don’t fall into a habit of sending the same old email every campaign.
  • ·         Blend your images with real text and HTML elements—not everybody is technically savvy, and some email programs automatically block images in emails. Account for it!
  • ·         Better yet—take advantage of it—use alt-text for your images to prompt your audience to enable images that don’t immediately come through.
  • ·         Test your emails before you send them out! JUST DO IT. TRUST US…

With the right approach, and some beautiful images, you’ll be captivating your email market audience and winning over new customers in no time!


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