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Don’t Lose your Followers—Top Twitter Mistakes to Avoid

Getting involved in Twitter is almost always a good idea. With short posts, fast turnaround, and a huge accessible market, a few quick tweets could get you noticed almost instantly. But a few wrong tweets could do the opposite—and cost you the support or recognition of your followers. Avoid some of these top mistakes to stay on top of your followers’ Twitter feeds:

Don’t Leave Your Identity Ambiguous

If you create a shell of an account, people won’t know who you are. If you’re trying to push your company, fill out your profile, include your branding, and make sure people know how to contact you! You won’t gain any followers if you don’t have a solid profile built.

Don’t Make the Same Kind of Post Over and Over

It’s fine to keep your posts limited to a certain topic or industry, but when you post about the same specific material on a regular basis, people will lose interest fast. Stay fresh and try posts from new perspectives and new developments.

Word Your Tweets Intelligibly

There are two big problems with Twitter’s character limit, and they both have to do with the effect they have on wording. First, the informal nature allows posters to “slack off” and include emoticons or ambiguous messages. Second, it can force abbreviations or truncated speech to fit too much content into a small space—rendering the message incomprehensible. There’s nothing wrong with writing colloquially—in fact it can help you reach a larger, more casual audience. But make sure people can understand you.

Don’t Brag Too Much

You want people to like you, but by boasting all the time, you’ll be turning off a large audience. It’s good to post about your accomplishments, but keep it tactful and moderated—unless of course you’re trying to appear arrogant.

Don’t Beg for Followers

Like most Twitter users, you’ll always be searching for more twitter followers. But don’t pander, and don’t beg. When pursuing new followers, do it subtly and tactfully—or else you’ll alienate the potential follower base you’re trying to win over.

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