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B2C Strategies for B2B Marketing

B2B and B2C businesses may seem like they operate in two different worlds, with B2B companies marketing only to other professionals and B2C companies being open to the wide market of total consumers. B2B strategies usually revolve around a logical approach, taking a useful product to like-minded target customers in certain industries, while B2C strategies can focus more on building brand recognition and sensational or impressive advertising.

But too many B2B businesses get caught in the trap of thinking they cannot employ B2C marketing tactics in winning over new customers. The reality is B2B businesses can and should use B2C marketing strategies to build a strong impact and secure new customers with nontraditional methods.

  • Be creative—consistently! Maybe you had a new product or service you developed a creative sales strategy around. But if you’re going to get some new business, you’ll need to implement that creative energy in everything you do!
  • Make your brand recognizable. While you won’t be reaching the millions of potential customers a B2C business targets, brand consistency and recognition can carry you through business networks with word of mouth and a powerful reputation.
  • Use imagery as much as possible. Attention is drawn to visuals; harness that human tendency to make amazing first impressions and cement your brand as modern and creative.
  • Utilize a personal appeal. Just because your primary audience is comprised of business-level customers doesn’t mean you should act like a bureaucratic automaton. You are human—act like it! People will appreciate a splash of humor, or a valuable personal touch. Anything else would be boring, or otherwise turn potential customers away from you.

It’s never too late to build a new brand or turn one around when it’s suffering. If you’re a B2B business looking for an aggressive new strategy, consider using these B2C tactics, and as always, feel free to contact us for some more information or a thorough marketing analysis.


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