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5 Ways to Make Any Piece of Content Better

No matter what you’re writing, these strategies can make your content better.

Whether you’re writing a blog designed to capture new traffic, a whitepaper attempting to convert a readership, or an eBook moved to sell, you’re probably interested in making your content “better.” That is, you want your content to be more appealing to readers, more authoritative in the eyes of search engines, and more persuasive to potential customers.

Each of these angles merits its own article, but there are a handful of strategies you can use to achieve all three (and more):

  1. Make your content skimmable. Obviously, you want your audience to read all your content, but making it skimmable will appeal to the people who won’t read it no matter what. You can make content skimmable by including more sub-headlines, bullet points, and bolded text.
  2. Include more visuals. People are better at learning through visuals than they are at learning through written text. Try to include more charts, graphs, and images to hold their interest.
  3. Eliminate whatever is unnecessary. Take some time to weed through your writing and eliminate any sentences, words, or information that isn’t explicitly necessary for your reader. You’ll be surprised how much you can cut.
  4. Fix your tone. You should be writing for one specific target audience, rather than everyone in the world. Adjust your tone to appeal to that audience.
  5. Find more (and better) sources. Don’t make bold claims without backing them up. Reference more authoritative sources throughout your piece, and bring in new and different arguments to make it better-rounded.

With these strategies, you can improve almost any piece of content. They take some effort, but can be feasibly done within an hour or two, even for longer works. Alternatively, you can contact an agency like Quez Media Marketing to help you with all your content marketing needs!

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