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Combining Brand Rhetoric with SEO: Balancing Your Content


SEO is a major staple of any modern digital marketing strategy, but if you don’t use brand rhetoric to shape it, you could be missing critical strategic details.

As most entrepreneurs realize, the vast majority of the population now uses search engines to find solutions to their problems. Whether you’re solving consumer need issues or dealing with people in business dilemmas, using SEO to rank yourself higher for relevant keywords is definitely a strategy you need to be using.

But gone are the days when you can just spam keywords on your site and hope you included more than your competition. The world of SEO is growing ever-more complicated, and if you’re going to stay competitive in the market, you need to introduce brand rhetoric strategies into your SEO campaigns. That means crafting a unique, compelling voice for your brand in your onsite articles and social media posts.

Why is it so important to pay attention to your brand rhetoric for SEO purposes?

·  It keeps your voice natural. Search engine algorithms have evolved to a point where they are able to detect natural language use. Keeping a consistent brand voice will ensure your content registers as quality.

·  You won’t be worrying about keywords. Your main focus should be on creating engaging content. Working on your brand rhetoric draws your focus away from stuffing keywords into your content, and shifts it appropriately to amplifying the readability of your content.

·  Long-tail keywords will come up naturally. Speaking in your natural brand voice, long-tail keyword phrases will incidentally appear throughout your work. Long-tail keywords are easier to rank for due to their uncommon frequency.

In addition to the benefits brand rhetoric holds for your SEO strategy, implementing a consistent brand voice will keep users loyal to your site.

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