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Content Marketing Relevance: Timing and Cycling

SEO marketing strategies are here to stay, but the old forms of keyword optimizing are no longer making the grade. In order to keep up with the latest Google updates and consumer trends, you’ll need to adopt a content marketing strategy and enrich your web presence with solid—and above all, intriguing—written material.

Your Google rankings are important—after all, how can you get attention if there’s nobody to click on your link? But too many companies fall into the trap of overoptimizing at the cost of high quality content. Staying interesting and worthwhile to your target audience means getting your timing down—both in how often you post articles and what topics you post on.

Current Events

Don’t be afraid to take a stance on a current event. If major news breaks in your industry, or for the country as a whole, capitalize on its popularity by developing content around it. For example, the 2012 Olympics have just ended—so you could liken your business to one of the events or competitors.

Seasons and Holidays

Every used car salesman in the country is familiar with the tactic of leveraging holidays as a marketing tactic. But you can harness the power of seasonal interest by finding a way to post relevant season-specific material. August is a dry month for holidays, but you could focus on the “back to school” season even if you don’t directly market to students or parents by writing an article including the season in general.

Pacing Your Topics

As a business, you probably have a handful of focus areas, so don’t get caught up posting the same thing over and over—it’ll seem spammy and your readers are going to get bored. Switch it up regularly—spend a week focusing on one area, then devote time to the other departments. Alternate between expanding into very specific topics, or reducing your scope to a much broader perspective.

If you find you’re having trouble writing high quality material consistently, don’t be afraid to hit us up for some information. We’re big into the new content marketing trend, and we’ll be happy to help you outline a strategy or even manage your content writing campaign.

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