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Do You Need a Video Marketing Strategy?

Video marketing is popular, but is it really necessary?

Video marketing has become ridiculously popular over the past several years. The prominence of mobile devices and availability of high-speed internet has made video traffic the most popular kind of traffic on the web. Business owners have recognized this, and have responded by pouring more effort into their YouTube channels and live video streams.

But do you need to include video as part of your content marketing strategy to be successful?

The Benefits of Video

Video content has a number of key benefits that written content can’t match:

  • Low commitment. People watch videos as background noise and when they can’t read conveniently, which makes them a more popular medium.
  • New audiences. People who prefer reading and people who prefer watching videos are separate demographics, so using both written and video content helps you broaden your reach.
  • Transformation opportunities. You can use a transcript to turn a video into written content, and extract the audio as well, meaning your videos can exist in multiple content states simultaneously.

The Costs of Video

Many new marketers are turned off of video marketing because they’re afraid it’s too expensive. But in reality, video marketing is inexpensive. You don’t need grade-A professional equipment to make a professional-looking video, and even basic studio setups and basic editing skills can result in high-quality content. A few hundred dollars for new equipment and a few extra hours of time are all it takes to make good stuff.

Content Marketing Without Video

So what are the downsides of pursuing a content marketing strategy without video? That depends on your niche and your level of competition, but overall, the biggest downsides are slower growth and a narrower potential audience. Those are unfortunate, but manageable if you excel in other areas.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that while it’s possible to execute a successful content marketing strategy without the use of video, it’s easy and cheap enough to start a video marketing strategy that it’s well worth your effort to pursue.

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