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How to Get the Most for Your Design Spend

Most businesses eventually seek professional graphic design for branding, marketing or advertising purposes. Marketing budgets are often under the tightest scrutiny, meaning your design and advertising spend needs to be as efficient as possible. Keep these tips in mind when pursuing professional design to ensure you get the best possible final deliverable for the least possible time and cost.

Start with a Direction

Nobody expects you to have an idea for the creative direction of a design piece, but you should have an end goal in mind. Is this supposed to attract new customers? Provide value to old ones? Revitalize a concept for a specific demographic? Make sure you have your goals as precisely defined as possible before seeking professional design with an agency.

Use Your Revision Rounds Wisely

Most firms allow two rounds of revision before they start charging for additional work. Don’t fire off your thoughts on a design immediately. Instead, wait and give the design another look after a day or two has passed. The more thorough and balanced your revision requests are, the better the final design will become.

Don’t Skimp

Maybe your teenage cousin has PhotoShop installed on his computer and is willing to pop out a logo design for $15. That doesn’t make him a professional designer. While saving money is undeniably important in the increasingly competitive corporate world, there is no substitute for quality design. Professional design is an investment, and your return will be based on how much you put in.

Give it Time

Don’t put in a request for a one-day rush and expect the best quality. Great design takes time. The longer you can afford to give a designer, the better end result you’ll see.

Always be sure to consult an agency or freelancer before starting work. Review their past work and determine whether their skill matches their price level, then follow the tips above to get the process as smooth and effective as possible.

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