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Halloween and the Principle of ROI

Halloween is always fun—if you’re a kid or a horror movie junkie (because who doesn’t like a good scare?). But the holiday’s major traditions aren’t just about dressing up as a character from pop culture or seeing how much sugar you can eat without getting sick. As with anything, it can be overanalyzed, and while a small percentage of parents are criticizing it for its pagan roots, at Quez Media, we’re relishing in the marketing principles these traditions demonstrate

Dressing Up: Your New Image

People get bored of being themselves sometimes, which is why it’s often fun to dress up for Halloween. But while many people do it for shock value, an elaborate joke, or simply because they’re used to doing it, most of us do it because we want to be ourselves with a twist. So someone can say “Hey, that’s not Hector. That’s Hector… if he were a Martian.” Like people, businesses need an occasional update, too—so if it’s time for an update, consider a fresh look for your company’s brand.

Trick-or-Treating: ROI

Trick-or-treating is arguably the most popular and notable Halloween tradition. Some of us like to contribute to the business of the dental industry, but most of us give out candy because we don’t want to get egged. So the question becomes, what is the least amount of money you can spend on candy while ensuring the best possible end result (zero tricks). While a bit of a stretch, this is a good illustration of ROI (Return on Investment): finding the best end marketing result for the lowest possible cost.

Watching Scary Movies: Learning from Failure

Everybody fails sometimes, whether its seeing a company fall to bankruptcy or accidentally enraging a monster serial killer. Just as watching scary movies can prepare us by teaching us which running styles will ultimately end in stabbing, observing other companies’ failure points can help you survive a volatile market climate.

Enjoy Halloween, eat your candy, and once you’ve got your share of scares, contact us to learn more ways Quez can help your business!

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