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How Brand Rhetoric Can Get You Leads


Brand rhetoric is a theory that focuses on crafting a unique brand voice, but many underestimate its utility in generating new leads.

Brand rhetoric involves creating and using a unique brand voice for your company across multiple different channels so your customers become more familiar with your brand as a personality. Using brand rhetoric effectively can ensure a healthy relationship between your brand and your customers, ultimately resulting in higher retention and the attraction of new customers.

If you use brand rhetoric effectively, you can generate new leads for your business, no matter what industry you’re in or what strategies you’ve used in the past. By speaking to a very specific audience with a perfectly fine-tuned voice, you’ll reach customers at their core and present them with a valuable option.

Keys to success:

·  Focus on what your customers want. Understand your key demographics as completely as possible. Focus on what they want from businesses like yours, and make sure your language conveys it to them.

·  Study, but don’t mimic the phrases of your competitors. Don’t mindlessly imitate what your competitors are doing, but do pay attention to what they’re saying. Learn from their appeals and weaknesses.

·  Keep your language aligned on multiple mediums. No matter what mediums you’re using, make sure your brand voice is consistent on all of them. Consistency is key.

·  Measure and adjust until you find a good balance. Record how many people respond to your prompts and conduct surveys to learn why. Work to find a balance that works for your customers.

Implementing brand rhetoric into your marketing strategy isn’t as simple as flicking a switch. It’s going to take time and resources to use it in a way that generates new leads.

As always, if you have questions or need help getting started—let us know! We’re here to make your strategy successful.

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