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How to Write Great Content for a Boring Industry


Writing engaging, fun content for some industries is naturally more fun than others, but you can make writing for any industry entertaining and valuable for consumers.

There’s a misconception out there that content marketing is only for sexy industries. Marketing and advertising attracts hordes of content writers and naturally encourages ad firms to step up their content game. Old-school manufacturing and industrial businesses, however, tend to lack that “sexy” factor—in other words, they’re boring industries.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t write great content! On the contrary, because these neglected industries aren’t often written about, there’s virtually no competition—the fruit is ripe for the picking, but you have to be willing to pick it if you want the rewards!

Here’s how to write great content for any industry—even the boring ones:

·  Think of a way to relate your business to the common man. Nobody understands the complexities of your equipment. So find a metaphor or a way of simplifying it so anyone can understand it.

·  Focus on applications that make sense to people. Think about how your business affects people, even in small ways, and show them that.

·  Use imagery. Visual content is way more interesting than written content. Liven up your posts with images and videos.

·  Have some fun! Crack jokes. Speak in a casual voice. Be yourself. Don’t be afraid to get personal and have a little fun with your writing—it’s a good thing.

It isn’t hard to write exciting content for otherwise un-exciting industries. It just takes a little extra effort and a slightly different perspective. If you need help with your own content marketing program, don’t be afraid to contact us!

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