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Information Density

Text messages are limited to 160 characters, tweets have a mere 140, and the title of your blog post should never exceed 72. Almost any information can be obtained instantaneously, and people don’t have the time or patience to read through a wall of text, even it’s significant enough to warrant the effort. Your message may be enormous, but you’re going to have a very small space to work with, regardless of whether you’re feeding it through social media or traditional methods of advertising.

You don’t want to ignore the fact that minimalism matters—but you don’t want to water down your message, either. The solution is packing a bigger punch with the words you do have, and avoiding any unnecessary wording. Think of your message as a sports team, and your words as individual teammates; you may want to include everything, but too many inefficient or underdeveloped words will only confuse things and awkwardly get in the way. You’re better off playing with a small, focused, talented team composed of only the absolute best. Carefully select the most impactful words in your message, and make them the focal point. Make sure they complement each other, and cut out any words that aren’t serving as high of a purpose.

Take advantage of your resources! There are many avenues you can push your message through, so if you have different messages with different goals, do some research and find out which variation would work best in which medium. Learn the power of your words, and people will respond. Put yourself in their shoes—would you rather read a single, deeply meaningful sentence, or trudge through three pages of fluff to get someone’s point?

If you’re not experienced in taking advantage of the channels available to you, consulting an expert may be your best bet. A simple consultation could be as simple as helping you find the right direction or as thorough as executing a full, multifaceted marketing campaign. By utilizing the services of a professional marketing firm, you’ll save yourself the hassle of trying to find the perfect balance in each of your specific marketing efforts, and catch the customer attention you may be missing.

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