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Why Marketers Love Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here, and if you’re reading this now, you still have a shot at making the most of this Hallmark holiday. We in the marketing industry love Valentine’s Day for its thematic emphasis and, let’s face it, it’s encouragement of spending. Regardless whether you live for the romance of the holiday or think it’s a big, insincere waste of time, you can use these strategies to take advantage of the public recognition.

Opportunities, Opportunities

Spending is up around mid-February, as those in relationships are encouraged to buy gifts for each other or else risk ending up on the wrong side of significant other fury. And the closer it gets to February 14th, the more impulsive and desperate consumers are going to become. You don’t have to be in the business of selling flowers and chocolates to enjoy the rewards of Valentine’s Day: any business with a product or service can help get more attention by taking advantage of the holiday. A well-worded email blast at the right time will catch the attention of any last-minute Valentine’s Day shopper.

Keep in Mind Lots of People Hate Valentine’s Day

It’s not all about couples in love! Understand that men and women want different things out of the holiday, and couples and singles definitely want different things. Use segmentation and separated campaigns through social media (if possible) to identify target audiences and send appropriate messages: for instance, say something like “get ready for a special night” for women in relationships, but something like “enjoy the rewards of solitude!” for single men.

Marketing Ideas

No matter what, you’ll want to take advantage of the holiday. Consider a romance or red-themed promotion, like offering a free rose with every order or providing a discount for people who come in twos to your business for the day. Definitely use social media, and consider offering a Valentine’s Day promotion code for an order.

No matter what strategy you choose, you have a good chance at getting some extra attention this Valentine’s Day season. Just don’t forget to do something for the special ones in your life, too!

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