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7 Easy Ways to Squeeze More Value From a Single Blog Post

Use these strategies to get more out of every one of your blog posts.

Your blog posts can be a massive investment, whether you spend a few hours researching and creating them, or you pay a third-party agency to handle them for you. Either way, there are some smart strategies you can use to squeeze more value out of every post:

  1. Distribute it. This first strategy you’ve likely thought of already—distribute your blog post across as many social channels as you can find. That means posting it on all your social media platforms, industry forums, and community pages.
  2. Syndicate it. Then, work each post into an ongoing rotation. Your social media channels should be alive with new posts of your historical posts, so new followers and fans get a chance to read them in the future.
  3. Build links to it. Work on building more links from offsite authorities, pointing to each of your posts. This will help you get direct referral traffic, but will also increase your page authority, so your articles rank higher in search engines.
  4. Add a call-to-action. A strong call-to-action will make any post more valuable, since it will be more likely to convert your readers.
  5. Include an image (or video). Today’s readers want to experience multimedia posts, so include a strong visual element when you can (whether it’s an embedded image or video).
  6. Update and/or revisit it. After a few months have passed, you can get more value out of your post by writing a follow-up piece, or by editing it with updated details. This is especially useful for news-related pieces.
  7. Repackage it. Consider repackaging your best work; for example, you might take a collection of your 50 best-performing blog posts, and stitch them together to serve as a single, downloadable eBook.

Being successful in content marketing isn’t just about writing good content; you also have to support that content in an integrated, multi-channel strategy that accurately reflects your brand. If you’re interested in help getting started, reach out to Quez Media today!

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