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7 Tips for More Persuasive Calls to Action (CTAs)

Use these strategies to make your CTAs much more persuasive.

Your website’s calls to action (CTAs) are the gateway that stands between your visitors and their eventual status as customers. Clicking a CTA and engaging with it brings them one step closer to being a final sale, but CTAs can be notoriously hard to write, place, and design.

Ultimately, CTAs are about persuasion. You need to persuade your audience to take action if you want them to be successful. You can do that with these important tips:

  1. Have CTAs all over your site. A CTA is only persuasive if it’s visible. If all your CTAs are buried in your internal pages, or if they’re otherwise hard to find, they aren’t going to persuade anyone to click.
  2. Make CTAs eye-catching. Along similar lines, you’ll need to make your CTAs eye-catching in some way. Oftentimes, that means displaying them with bold colors or a distinctive font. It also means placing them at eye-level, or “above the fold” in your web design.
  3. Keep them varied. The placement and formatting of your CTAs should be variant. What catches the eye of one person might not catch the eye of another. Varying your approach ensures the greatest number of people will encounter them.
  4. Use an action word. Every CTA should feature an action-oriented verb to compel a user to take action. For example, “we have many designs to choose from” isn’t nearly as effective as “browse our selection of amazing designs today!”
  5. Identify the main benefit. Tell people what they stand to gain by following your CTA. Will they learn something? Will they find an unprecedented deal?
  6. Make things easy. The easier it is to engage with your CTA, the more likely it is to be effective.
  7. Experiment. Even a hypothetically perfect CTA doesn’t exist. What works for one business, and one set of target demographics, may fall completely flat with another. It’s on you to experiment with different phrases, different formats, and different placements to determine what works. Keep experimenting to push those conversion rates higher.

If you’re struggling with conversion rate optimization, or if you find your CTAs are falling flat consistently, contact us at Quez Media today!

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