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How to Use Public Speaking to Boost Your Content Marketing Campaign

Public speaking is one of the most effective tools for boosting your content marketing campaign.

If you’ve been struggling to see results in your content marketing campaign, or if you’re just interested in harnessing another channel to generate traffic for your blog, consider leveraging the power of public speaking. Attending public events as a speaker can:

  • Increase your brand visibility. Simply giving your name and the name of your company in a public setting can improve your brand’s visibility—and you’ll go twice as far if you’re publicly listed on the event schedule.
  • Improve your authority as an author. Speaking publicly lends you more credibility as an author. You can even list your speaking appearances on your author bio!
  • Introduce you to guest posting opportunities. At these events, you’ll meet tons of people who are eager to become guest authors on your blog—and you can almost certainly land a spot as a guest author on theirs!
  • Serve as a gateway to even bigger events. Of course, the more public speaking events you attend, the more your reputation will grow, and eventually, you’ll find yourself at bigger and better events.

So how are you supposed to get started? That depends on your area of expertise and where you currently reside, but there are several good places to start. As long as you have a blog in place, a decent social media following, and/or a good story (with experience to back it up), you shouldn’t have trouble finding an open slot for a speaking opportunity with a local small business organization. Look for upcoming events, and ask around to see what it takes to get a spot—it’s probably easier than you think.

You can also start networking with people who are already in the public speaking game, and asking them for tips on how to find opportunities. In any case, once you’ve landed your first gig, your subsequent opportunities will be much easier to find.

If you’re interested in more strategies to boost the power of your content marketing campaign, be sure to contact Quez Media today!

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