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Promotional Products: Making your Business Tangible

Promotional products may seem overdone—after all, how many branded company pens do you have sitting at your desk right now? Or telephone number-riddled magnets covering your fridge? But promotional products don’t have to be gimmicky—and if you’re going to manage and popularize your brand successfully, you’ll need something tangible to get (and stay) in your clients’ minds.

While all economic systems can be broken down in terms of goods and services, most businesses fall into a middle point on a continuum between the two. Goods-oriented businesses may already have physical products that can effectively manage tangible branding and spread presence, and so may need a specialized approach for fresh development. Service-oriented businesses may require a greater effort from the ground up. In any case, a properly managed promotional product campaign can complement the nature of your business and expand your reach.

The world of advertising is incredibly dense, and consumers tend to let unsubstantiated or irrelevant companies’ images and offerings slip into an unnoticed void. However, having something tangible makes a more solid connection, and having an object that will repeatedly remind them of you will cement you into their brain. It’s an easy way to stay current and subtly build a relationship with your potential customers.

Lots of companies already utilize this tactic, which is why it’s very important to stay unique. You’ll need to make sure your product offering is consistent with your brand, but you’ll also want to stand apart from all the calendars and click pens that have bombarded trade shows for decades. Whether you’re looking for a long-term, renewable stock of signature products or a budget-conscious limited run for a special event, you should consult with a marketing firm and see what potential is out there.

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