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How the Right Design Can Improve Your SEO Ranking

Getting a perfect SEO strategy usually involves selecting a handful of keywords and optimizing your site to rank for those keywords on Google and other search engines. But an often overlooked aspect of SEO boils down to the style and structure of your web page design.

Don’t Rely on Graphics

Some sites revolve around presenting the flashiest graphics and biggest animations they can find. While this might be visually pleasing to some, it is a nightmare to try and optimize a site like this. Graphic-dependent sites are quickly becoming obsolete anyway, so if you’re redesigning your site to adhere to SEO standards, stay away from the graphics and animations.

Include a Site Map

This is a basic element of standard web design, but older sites often overlook it. You’ll definitely want to make sure to include a simple, search engine friendly site map so your full content can be indexed by search engine spiders. You can simply include a list of all your static pages in the footer as a link. This design element alone can improve your rankings.

Never Use Frames

Frames were popular for websites in the 1990s—the shortest bit of advice we can give you is to never use them. Ever. Most modern search engines don’t even support frames anymore, so if your site is full of them, you are doing yourself a huge disservice.

Keep Updated

Possibly one of the biggest design mistakes is not staying updated. If the information on your website is obsolete or inaccurate, not only will your company look bad to search engines, it will look bad to search engines and rank poorly as a result.

Graphic design and backend structure play pivotal roles in the success of your SEO campaigns. If you are in the market for a new site, be sure to contact us to see how we can help.

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