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The Science of Liking: Why Do People “Like” Brands on Facebook?

Let’s say you’ve got your social media marketing strategy—you’re going to start modestly, and get 100 twitter followers and 100 “likes” on Facebook. It sounds straightforward enough, but once you get in the thick of things, you may hit a wall and realize that attaining Facebook likes isn’t a straightforward process.

While there’s no direct way to secure a number of “likes,” but there is a certain science behind why people “like” the brands they do. Research shows most people “like” brands on Facebook based on one or more motivations, stemming from how a company presents itself. By customizing your social media strategy, you can get the “likes” you want and conquer the realm of social media marketing!

Promotions and Discounts

By far the most popular reason cited for “liking” a brand on Facebook is the presence or hope for promotions and discounts. Many brands offer special promotions on their Facebook page, generating interest by popularizing a new low price or incentivizing repeat visitors who anticipate more similar deals.

Free Giveaways/Special Offers

Many companies offer free samples or giveaways on their Facebook pages, making a game out of “liking” the brand, such as offering a drawing for everyone who “likes” their page in a given time period. While this is almost brutally straightforward, the technique gets results.

Simple Customer Loyalty

A major motivation for “liking” a brand is basic customer loyalty. Build up a dedicated customer base, and they will seek you out on their own. Customers who trust and enjoy your brand will gravitate toward your social media presence naturally.

Learning about New Products

One of the lesser major categories of “liking” motivation, many consumers “like” brands in an effort to learn more about specific products and services. Make sure your Facebook page does include sufficient information on everything your company offers, especially new offers.

By understanding why people “like” certain brands on Facebook, you can customize your strategy and gain a larger social media following. But if you’re still feeling a little uncertain or intimidated, don’t hesitate—let the experts handle it!

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