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SEO to Capture, Content to Keep

Marketing, in its most basic form, is getting someone’s attention. But if that attention is instantly lost through disinterest or boredom—you’ve wasted both your company’s and your clients’ time. Getting attention is only the first step—once you have it, you have to keep it, and the best way to successfully keep your online visitors is with unique, crazy good content.

Getting Attention

With the virtually unlimited breadth of the internet, it’s no wonder that to get someone’s attention online, you simply must develop an SEO campaign. By optimizing your content and rising in the Google ranks, you’ll be instantly improving your visibility and getting people to click on your site. Few people look beyond the first page of their search results—so if you’re not up there, you’re missing out! Starting a keyword enrichment and backlink program can build your site out to climb the ranks and get clicks—but that’s only the first stage of the game!

The Problem

You have less than ten seconds to capture someone’s attention before they get bored, give up, and click away. Even if they decide to stick around for a bit, you need to have enough quality material to keep them engaged. The problem is most traditional SEO campaigns develop content with a mechanical logic, written only to appeal to search engine algorithms. The result is boring, difficult to read, irrelevant, non-informative content that sometimes isn’t even written by a native English speaker. The human mind only takes a moment to notice this, be instantly turned off, and decide to seek a different site.

The Solution?

That’s why you need killer content to keep the visitors you attract. By writing and posting rich, current, and interesting content, your visitors are going to value you and actually want to stick around. With the recent Google updates and the rapidly increasing fleeting attention spans of users, keyword-stuffed filler articles are no longer enough to do you benefit.

If you’re interested in learning more about the changing landscape of SEO and the importance of content marketing, don’t hesitate to reach out—we’ll be glad to help you through any step of the process and strategize to make your site more effective.

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