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SEO: Cleveland’s Keyword Advantages

SEO, Cleveland or elsewhere, is now a critical portion of any company’s web presence. But by utilizing a proper SEO technique, and taking advantage of local Cleveland resources, Cleveland companies can really get an advantage over their competition. More leads equal more sales, and if you can increase your leads by fine-tuning your approach to SEO, Cleveland customers will be flooding in.

Stay Specific

Broad keyword focuses get lost in the shuffle—it’s no surprise, really. If you search for “food” or something equally vague, you wouldn’t expect to find many relevant results. By turning that logic around, you can capitalize on the people who are entering very specific search terms—you can do this by zeroing in on your field of expertise, or by simply distinguishing yourself in the local market. If you take this approach, you won’t have to resort to dirty SEO tricks in order to stand out.

Keep a Variety

Yes, it’s important to utilize SEO—Cleveland businesses would suffer without it. However, depending exclusively on SEO to drive in new leads is a poor choice for several reasons. For one, too much SEO-related writing on your webpage will seem unnatural and drive people away. Two, Google’s constant revisions and hunts for “over-optimized” webpages could leave you starting from scratch if your company is hit. Lastly, while people are online now more than ever before, many people still prefer other modes of contact. Don’t forget about them!

Open Yourself Up

While it’s good to keep your current customers happy, SEO advantages show their best when geared toward securing new leads. In order to get new leads, you may have to step outside your comfort zone—do some research and creative brainstorming to find new keywords that you may not have used before in your site development.

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