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What Are the Biggest SEO Mistakes New Business Owners Make?

SEO is a complicated strategy that leads to significant mistakes.

New business owners often turn to search engine optimization (SEO) as their marketing strategy of choice. It’s inexpensive, approachable, and designed to be a long-term campaign. However, while it’s easy to learn the basics of SEO, it’s a complicated strategy—and that means, there are many opportunities for errors.

These are some of the most common errors made by new business owners:

  • Having no keyword strategy. Keywords have declined in importance thanks to Hummingbird and other semantic search updates in Google, but if you have no keyword strategy, that’s equally bad for your campaign. Your choice in keywords may be the most important factor for your success.
  • Stuffing keywords. That said, keywords aren’t the only important element of your strategy—and if you stuff them into everything you write and every link you build, you’ll be more likely to earn a Google penalty than rise in rankings.
  • Investing in quantity over quality. It’s tempting to invest in quantity, writing more articles and earning more links, but it’s far more important to focus on quality. One well-written blog post is better than 100 low-quality ones. One high-authority, well-placed link is worth more than a dozen links on barely-noticeable sites.
  • Building shoddy links. Speaking of links, many new business owners attempt to buy links or scheme their way into getting them. In the long run, this will cost you. Spammy links or irrelevant links may be removed by webmasters, or worse, may be chosen as a target for a Google penalty.
  • Cutting corners to save costs. There’s nothing wrong with trying to execute a frugal marketing strategy, especially if ROI is one of your biggest priorities. However, SEO tends to be unforgiving; if you cut corners by avoiding work with experts or working with inexperienced firms, it’s going to bite you.

If you don’t want to make these (and other) mistakes, your best bet is to work with a professional SEO firm. For a free consultation and an analysis of your website, contact Quez Media today!

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