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The Changing Scope of Brand Loyalty


Brand loyalty has always been an important factor for companies to succeed, especially B2C businesses, but the scope of brand loyalty is changing.

Brand loyalty used to be one of the most important factors in consumers’ purchasing decisions. With a limited number of choices and limited analytic information to help consumers distinguish between those choices, consumers would look to a trusted brand in order to confidently decide.

But in the modern era, there are fewer such limitations. There are an infinite number of companies and brands for nearly any product or service you can imagine, and the amount of content available on the Internet makes it not only possible, but easy to research and compare products and services. In such a situation, consumers’ decision making becomes fundamentally geared toward finding the best possible product at the lowest possible price, regardless of the brand offering it.

Does that mean brand loyalty is an obsolete concept?

Not necessarily. No matter how much information is available to them or how analytical their choices become, consumers will always have a choice and will always have a preference. Shopping online doesn’t offer a brand experience quite like shopping in person, but there are other ways to build a preference in your customers.

Using social media campaigns as a personal voice for your brand can do wonders against a competitor that doesn’t do the same. You’ll give your customers an experience comparable to a personal relationship, and when they think of buying a product you offer, your company is the first thing that will pop into their heads.

It may not be able to create customers with brand loyalty in the old-fashioned sense, making customers want to buy from you no matter what, but you can still build a relationship with them and become their brand of preference.

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