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Top Design Elements for Startup Tech Companies


When building a new website or a new app for a startup tech company, be sure you pay attention to these fundamental design elements.

For startup tech companies, a first impression can immediately endear a new customer to your brand or immediately turn them away. The aesthetics and usability of your application and web design will significantly affect your user base, regardless of whether they’re newcomers or long-time fans. If you’re building something from scratch or attempting a redesign to attract new customers, make sure you pay extra attention to these most important design elements:

·  Solid Typography. The typography of your site will create an immediate impression, whether you like it or not. Take your time in selecting the perfect font for your site. It means more than you might first imagine.

·  Compelling Images. Large, pleasing, resonant images (even if they’re minimalistic backgrounds) should be a major component of your site. The colors and shapes in your site leave an enormous impression.

·  Clear Direction to Products. The products and services you sell should be visible upon entry. If they aren’t, make sure they’re easy to find.

·  Hover Effects. Hover effects can help a user navigate and give a layer of interaction to your site. Make sure you include them.

·  Mobile optimization. Whether you opt for a responsive design or a separate mobile presence, make sure your site is viewable on practically any type of mobile or stationary tech device. The world is shifting to more mobile access, so follow that trend.

·  Videos. No matter who you are or what you’re selling, it’s almost undoubtedly a good idea to include one or more videos about your company and your products. People enjoy watching videos more than they like reading or seeing images, and one 30-second clip could be all it takes to convince a new customer.

These elements are going to help you establish a site or app design that is immediately impactful and sufficient for your brand in the long term.

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