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Make Waves with Big Risks

Print media is a form of marketing and advertising that has been slowly declining in popularity since the dawn of the digital age. Print is still used to create and distribute brochures, sell sheets, direct marketing pieces and other forms of collateral for both large and small companies, but many people are questioning whether it is worth continuing a print campaign despite the audience availability presented by the Internet.

The answer is somewhat complex. It is an unquestionably good idea to develop a digital advertising campaign, but in most cases, it is wise to complement it with an effective print campaign. What makes a print campaign effective? Breaking the mold, which can be risky but very rewarding.

Conventional Print Material

Brochures with your capabilities printed on them. A direct mail postcard with a picture of your business and a call to action. These are printed materials we’ve all seen endless copies of. Many people continue to churn out these formatted, conventional pieces to see a tiny result, but in order to see a better return, you need to break these old conventions.

Above the Fold

People are sick of seeing renditions of what are essentially the same printed pieces. In order to stand out, you need to create a piece that stands above the rest—something that captivates people immediately instead of just displaying the same old sectional layout. Professional design can help you create a piece that is unique and memorable, making people more likely to actually look at your content.

Big Investment, Big Return

Unique folding patterns, customized data, fancy presentations, and unconventional ideas all tend to cost more than conventional, traditional campaigns. However, your primary decision should be based on your final return, not the amount of money you initially put in. Unconventional, risky campaigns tend to cost more up front but they also tend to carry a much greater result in the end.

While it might seem safe to stick with the same old print campaigns you’re used to, it’s a better idea to generate something unique that will truly stand out and bring more people to your business.

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