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Why to Hire a Design and SEO Firm for Your Medical Website

For many businesses, having a great ad campaign is a great first step in attracting customers. However, did you know that all aspects of your web presence are also important? Having a beautifully designed website that is optimized to appear high in search engine rankings is the best way to stand out from the competition.

Consider these facts about consumers: Most people, when they hear about a company that piques their interest, will search for it on Google or another preferred search engine. But nothing can drive customers toward your competition faster than your company having a poorly designed website that lacks pertinent information. And if your site doesn’t even appear on the first page of Google, it’s unlikely that customers will find you in the first place.

Search engines such as Google use a variety of data in order to rate a website’s ranking in their searches. Why is web design important, then? Google actually rates websites at least partially based on the quality of their design. Having a well-designed website is one of the best and easiest ways to boost your rankings. Including relevant videos and graphics on your page can also increase your search engine results; sites with videos are 50% more likely to be ranked higher in a Google search. As an added incentive, having high-quality photos of your product is also more likely to gain a customer’s business by as much as 67%, according to some estimates.

Another way search engines rank is through use of keywords in searches and how many times those relevant keywords appear on your website. This practice is known as search engine optimization, or SEO. Working with an SEO marketing agency can give you the necessary tools and analysis to increase your site’s visibility through quality content and keyword placement. Often these firms will create this content for you and place it on your professionally designed webpage.

Those who own businesses in specific fields will also want to make sure they are promoted properly. Take, for example, the many medical practices in the United States. Specially tailored medical website design is important, especially for hospitals and private practices. By having professionally done medical website design, you can inform your clients of the services and procedures you offer. This gives patients the ability to make informed decisions about the care they receive and know that your practice is the right choice for their medical care.

Working with an internet marketing firm that offers online web design is a great way to take your business’s web presence to the next level. If you require a specialized service such as medical website design or design for another field, you’ll want to find a web design firm that can show you a professional portfolio and a great track record for success. Many of these firms also serve as SEO marketing agencies, so your professionally designed business website can rank #1 on Google. Don’t lose customers because of a lackluster web presence. Start with a web design firm today to see how you can revitalize your website and attract more customers and clients.

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