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How Does Your Marketing Measure Up?

Many companies launch creative promotional ideas, but then neglect to measure their effectiveness. Savvy marketing involves more than simply spreading the word; it involves spreadsheets and data. This white paper discusses the importance of metrics, what questions to ask yourself before you begin tracking, three plagues you should avoid and more.

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To Open New Doors, Close the Marketing Loop

"Closed-loop" marketing refers to the feedback loop between the customer and the marketing message. Customer data is used to direct and fine-tune marketing campaigns, which in turn leads to even better data, creating a constantly optimizing system. This white paper discusses the importance of aligning a closed-loop marketing system with overall business goals, pinpoints the best practices in closed-loop marketing and helps companies measure the success of their new marketing strategy.

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The 5 New P’s Marketers Should Care About

Today's consumers are more insightful, empowered and demanding than ever. Reaching them requires understanding them, including how they think and what actions they take. This white paper discusses five vital, underestimated new P's that marketing pros must keep in mind when crafting campaigns. They are equally important, tightly interwoven components that should drive your future marketing efforts.

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