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10 Easy Tricks to Improve ROI in Higher Education Marketing


ROI is everything in the world of higher education marketing, and these 10 tricks can help you improve it.

In higher education marketing, most colleges and universities have a limited budget to work with. But instead of focusing on limiting total spend, universities should focus on return on investment, or ROI. A high ROI means you’ll see more revenue for every marketing dollar you spend, so even if you spend a great deal on your marketing and advertising campaigns, you’ll still end up seeing great results.

These 10 little tricks can help you enormously in your attempts to improve total ROI:

1.  Target your audience. Too many colleges and universities work by blasting content to an extremely wide demographic. Instead, narrow your focus. Specialize in something.

2.  Leverage free opportunities. Whenever you get the chance, take advantage of free opportunities like networking events or talks at high schools.

3.  Spread social content. Claim your social media territory and try to push out as much shareable content as possible—it’s free, and can have extraordinary results.

4.  Do test runs before committing to a campaign. Test your material with a target demographic before following through with a full blast to see if it’s up to par.

5.  Funnel your leads through one channel. Create a central hub, like a landing page, where you will funnel your leads for efficiency’s sake.

6.  Use multiple strategies for a single purpose. Use as many efficient channels as you can to maximize the net you cast.

7.  Measure everything. Track and measure the results from everything you do so you know what works and what doesn’t.

8.  Separate your lead types. Focus different channels on different types of leads to improve overall efficiency.

9.  Be up-to-date. Make sure all your material is consistent in design and voice, and use the latest technology for the greatest effect.

10.  Think long-term. Don’t plan for the season, plan for the next several years with long-term strategies that have a high return.

With these simple tips, you can lower your total spend while simultaneously increasing your return. For more information or for a few more strategies you can use to perfect your marketing campaign, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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