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10 Ways to Maximize Your Higher Education Marketing Spend

Higher education marketing demands a high Return on Investment (ROI), or else your marketing dollars go to waste. Even with a solid strategy and a flawless execution, your marketing campaign can fall flat if you aren’t spending money with a careful balance. For instance, if you pour money into an SEO strategy but fail to have a compelling landing page, you might be losing money on what would otherwise be a smart investment.

Read up on these best practice tips to maximize your higher education marketing spend. With these strategies in place, you can rest assured your marketing dollars will yield the highest results possible:

1.  Centralize Your Strategy. Every marketing channel you use should funnel back to one source, such as a landing page or a website.

2.  Escalate Gradually. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket until you know you have a strategy that works.

3.  Use Consistent Branding. Make sure all your logos, colors, and brand voice are consistent across all channels.

4.  Track Everything. This is imperative, yet many colleges and universities fail to implement a tracking system. Without tracking, you’ll be unable to tell what’s working and what isn’t.

5.  Use Inbound and Outbound Strategies. Inbound marketing is more popular than outbound, but you’ll need to use them both to get the most for your budget.

6.  Consolidate. If possible, work with one firm for all your marketing needs. It will make it easier on you, and save you money in the long run.

7.  Write Content. Content marketing is a cheap way to enhance your marketing returns. Implement a strategy if you don’t already have one.

8.  Plan Ahead. If you’re marketing for a specific event, work very early to avoid rush charges and extra stress.

9.  Work for the Long Term. Don’t focus on what will work today—focus on what will work tomorrow. Invest in long-term strategies.

10.  Use What You Understand. Don’t run after strategies you don’t fully understand. Stick to what you know or research your idea until you do know it.

These ten simple strategies can help improve the results of any higher education marketing spend.


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