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3 Unconventional Tricks to Improve Higher Education Marketing


Higher education marketing usually requires much attention to unique strategies in addition to old, tried-and-true strategies in order to secure the highest ROI.

Higher education marketing professionals often get caught in a similar trap; they’re stuck with a tight, immovable budget and a quota or at least an expectation of a certain amount of leads to generate within a specific time period. Intuitively, marketing professionals turn to strategies that have worked historically in order to secure a predictable, steady ROI.

While this is a good strategy to maintain steady growth in the short-term, it overlooks a few key tenets of successful marketing. First, the paradigms of marketing are always changing, so eventually, your strategies will gradually diminish in effectiveness. Second, ROI is a numbers game. While small, predictable numbers will keep you afloat, you could be missing out on some critical opportunities.

Injecting your marketing campaigns with some unconventional, yet proven effective strategies can give you the best of both worlds; a reliable means of achieving growth through marketing and advertising with a twist to help boost ROI to new heights. Here are three unconventional tricks we recommend:

1.  Use humor as much as possible. Some colleges and universities pride themselves on a high level of professionalism to the point of stagnation. Inject humor into everything you’re doing—you’ll be surprised how much people respond.

2.  Experiment with guerrilla marketing. Try a viral marketing campaign, or leave short, buzz worthy messages around town. You could also plant former students at large social events and get the word out about your programs that way.

3.  Get socially aggressive. Odds are you have some sort of social media strategy, but take the time to really step it up. Go out of your way to interact with new people in a way that will entertain them.

Managing a full scale higher education marketing campaign is difficult, especially if you’re leveraging multiple simultaneous channels, and implementing unconventional strategies can increase the burden of stress. If you’re looking for some advice or a helping hand, don’t think twice to contact us and learn more about how Quez Media helps higher education brands.

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