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4 Keys to Solid Branding in Higher Education Marketing


Branding is everything.  It’s responsible for every new prospect’s first impression. It’s responsible for every new student’s first experience. It’s responsible for breeding a sense of familiarity and loyalty in your student roster. It’s responsible for maintaining a long relationship and building authority in the world of higher education.

Many colleges and universities fail to understand the importance of branding, even if they already have a set of brand standards developed. Unless you master these 4 keys to solid branding in higher education marketing, the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns will be limited.

1.  Focus. Without a proper focus, your brand could quickly fizzle out or never become effective in the first place. You aren’t developing a brand just to have something to put on your marketing collateral, you want an image that people will be able to instantly identify with. Put time into your branding, and work with a true professional.

2.  Character Beyond Image. Your brand is more than just your logo or university colors. Remember that branding extends far beyond just visual elements. Consider the ways you reach out to people and the voice you speak to them with—a little variation can make or break your reputation as a brand.

3.  Consistency. No matter what mediums or applications you pursue, always maintain consistency. Consistency is the most important element of a higher education branding strategy—without it, your brand means nothing.

4.  Adaptability. When was the last time your brand was refreshed? Design is always changing, and you need to be able to change with it without alienating the initial vision for your brand. Every few years, take a fresh look at your brand and don’t be afraid to make small adjustments.

Brands are complicated entities, but fortunately there are many professionals who specialize in higher education branding and marketing. It might cost a bit more up front, but you’ll be guaranteed a package that will drive long-term results.

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