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4 Principles of Solid UI Design


To create the most successful and enjoyable application, you’ll have to follow these four solid principles of UI design.

The quality of your design can make or break the impact of an application, whether it’s a simple website or a complicated mobile app. No matter how useful your service is or how easy it is to use, your users are going to be distraught and confused if the design doesn’t make the experience enjoyable.

The first step of developing any application is committing to a solid, logical idea—but once you hammer out the details of what users should be able to do, your next highest priority is creating a well-designed user interface that will guide users to use the app successfully and appreciate the experience (even if that appreciation is subconscious). These four principles of quality UI can help you determine if your app is getting the treatment it deserves:

1.  Easy Navigability. Make sure your application is structured in a logical, easy-to-follow way, and make it simple for users to jump from one area to the next. Always make sure there is some method of determining the path back to the home screen, and never lead a user somewhere he/she doesn’t want to be.

2.  Minimalism. Minimalism is another amazingly important principle of UI design that frequently gets overlooked. Stylistic choices can help embellish your app, but be sure you don’t go overboard. Keep your app as minimally designed as possible to avoid adding confusion.

3.  Adaptability. You can’t change the app for every user, but your UI design should allow for many different types of users. Make sure your app’s interface is forgiving of simple mistakes—give your users ample opportunities to recover.

4.  Consistency. Reward your users for becoming familiar with the system by allowing multiple sections within your system to behave similarly. Encourage consistent behavior, and your users will access your app consistently.

These four cornerstones of UI design theory won’t immediately make a perfect app, but they can help you make sure your app follows best practices in UI design.


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