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4 Solid Reasons to Work with an Agency for Higher Education Marketing


Your internal higher education marketing department might have a handle on things, but working with a marketing agency can have tremendous benefits

Most higher education institutions have an internal marketing department, whether that’s an entire dedicated team or just one person in charge of communications. With a dedicated marketing budget and a handful of key directives, most colleges and universities do an okay job of promoting their campus and increasing interest in attendance.

But too many professionals overlook the option of working with an outside marketing firm as a complement to their own internal marketing strategies. While it often does cost a chunk of the marketing budget, it tends to have a higher return overall. These four key benefits of working with a marketing firm illustrate the power that an agency can give you:

1.  Consultative Expertise. High ranking affiliates within a marketing and advertising agency have an impressive range of marketing experience. They’ll be able to give you a unique and fresh perspective on your current position.

2.  Creative Talent. Marketing firms also tend to have a large pool of creative talent, including designers and writers that can overhaul the look, feel, and integrity of your communications channels.

3.  Trackable Results. Too many colleges and universities fail to measure the results of their campaigns, which means they never know whether their campaigns were successful and they never get to improve. Major marketing firms will be able to track leads as they come in, so you can perfect your approach.

4.  Higher ROI. Marketing firms do cost a bit up front, but they tend to net you a higher overall ROI in your campaigns.

Remember, working with an agency can mean anything from a simple consultation to a full-service marketing and advertising plan. If you’re curious about what Quez Media can do for your higher education marketing plan, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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