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8 Quick Tips for Improved Higher Education Marketing Ad Placement


Ad placement is a tricky strategy to develop for colleges and universities, but these 8 tips can help you improve your entire higher education marketing strategy.

Whether their goal is to drive new leads or simply to raise awareness, most colleges and universities will eventually have to place some kind of advertising in order to generate results. Achieving great design and writing in your advertising is a challenge in and of itself, but once you have the right message, you’ll have to consider the medium and timing.

Ad placement is ridiculously important in leading a successful marketing campaign. It’s a bit tricky to nail down at first, but these eight easy tips can give you a great start to a results-driven effort:

1.  Use Multiple Channels. Don’t rely on just print ads or just web ads. Include many diverse placements until you know what works and what doesn’t.

2.  Make Sure You Stand Out. Don’t mimic the placement of other colleges, or you’ll simply get lost in the shuffle.

3.  Avoid Obsolete Mediums. Put a greater emphasis on new modes of communication like social media.

4.  Don’t Forget About Parents. You’ll want to place ads for potential students to see, but also place ads where parents will see them.

5.  Capitalize on Value. When you place ads, consider what people will be thinking about when they see them. Are you offering a timely solution to a certain consideration?

6.  Consider the Environment. If placing billboards or magazine ads, play with the layout of your ad to reflect its environment.

7.  Cater to a State of Mind. Consider the emotional states of the people who will see your advertisement. Will they be tired? Irritated? Contented?

8.  Be Memorable. Get your advertising somewhere fresh, with as little competition as possible.

These eight tips won’t guarantee you a good campaign, but they can help you drive better results as long as you have a solid design and message. Don’t forget—Quez Media is willing to help you with key points of improvement in your marketing and advertising strategies. If you need assistance or want advice, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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