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Attention Span and Advertising

The Problem–The constant and universal availability of information that the internet has given us has had a number of effects on our brains. Sure, it’s a lot easier to bluff your way through an ambitious task or something you never thought possible with how-to guides and Wikipedia articles. But the sad news is, the “Information Age” is shortening our attention spans to a degree only slightly ahead of a common goldfish’s—and odds are, you’ll click away from this post before you read the entire article.

You’re just as impatient as everyone else, so let me run this down:

  • ·  You want people to see your content and/or your advertising.
  • ·  People want content NOW.
  • ·  People don’t want long stretches of content like paragraphs, they want bite-sized bits of content like… bulleted lists.
  • ·  People are so used to advertising it becomes almost invisible to them.

Your audience is changing, so your marketing campaign will need to change if you’re going to survive long enough for the demanding demographics to take notice.

The Solution–For those of you focused, motivated or downright bored enough to continue reading—we’ve got some good news: despite the bewildering, multidimensional pool of dazzling colors, clever wordplay, and guerilla advertising, you can reach your audience with a focused, creative campaign.

With an integrated marketing campaign, you can conquer your demographics in sections by having a message and/or image unique to each medium you utilize. And by following up frequently without running the risk of annoyance, you can keep your business on your customers’ minds.

Maybe you’re not experienced with this kind of thing—maybe the internet’s spastically shifting paradigms are a little intimidating, or maybe you don’t have the time or resources to conquer the market in a fresh, creative way. Thankfully, that’s what we’re here for. We’ll diagnose your advertising woes, create a formidable action plan, and seize that portion of the market that’s grown numb to and disinterested in the old world of advertising. It’s a new world, and our blend of greatly experienced and modern-minded team members can respond to its new demands on your behalf.

The bottom line? Attention fades. We know. We’ll help. And if you got to see a gorilla playing drums, you’ve paid closer attention than most people who will click on this article.

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