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Brand Consistency: Staying Familiar

Brand consistency is a tactic known almost universally as the most thorough and effective way to build your company through consumers’ eyes. Image and reputation are essential for any business’s growth, and maintaining these consistently will help your customers become more familiar and comfortable with your brand. Companies that have taken advantage of brand consistency’s potential have grown explosively, and by keeping these points in mind, you could firmly establish your brand.

Be Relevant

You won’t capture much attention if people don’t think you matter. You need to be relevant both in the services and products you offer as well as with the demographics to which you are marketing. For instance, a dainty, flowery brand may not be relevant to young males, or a loud, aggressive brand may not be relevant to an older generation. People will ignore you if you aren’t relevant—don’t get lost in the sea of advertising.

Avoid Overextension

As your business grows, it may be tempting and seem natural to want to expand—but be careful how you do it. As you become known for certain products and areas of specialization, the wrong kind of expansion may work against you. Extending into unknown territory may confuse clients or consumers who have come to love your main lines of offering. It’s important to grow and develop, but overreaching might give your customer base the impression that you’re out of ideas or that your brand is becoming less familiar.

Make it Easy

People shouldn’t have to work to love your brand. The familiarity should come naturally as you develop your integrated campaign. The root word of “familiar” is “family”—don’t forget, you want to build relationships with your clients, not just win their business. If people are drawn to you naturally, they’ll naturally stick with you, and if your branding is consistent, they’ll follow you across all your commercial endeavors.

It can be hard to maintain that kind of voice, design, and message throughout the ever-increasing number of channels available to you. That’s why a consolidated marketing firm can help you not only reach your branding goals, but keep them consistent across every form of media you’re trying to capture.

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