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5 Powerful Content Assets You Should Have for Your Brand

You can’t have a successful content marketing campaign without these important assets.

Every successful content marketing strategy has powerful “anchor points” to ground that strategy. Different brands may write in a different tone of voice or rely on distribution methods, but ultimately, the foundational pieces that launch their campaigns share similar goals and priorities.

If you’re interested in building your brand’s content-focused presence, make sure you have these five assets at the ready:

  1. An explainer video. Explainer videos are short videos (usually less than 5 minutes) that explain what your brand is, and what it does. It should give users a good idea of what distinguishes your brand from those of your competitors, and why they should buy your products and services.
  2. Success stories. It’s also a good idea to publish some success stories. Depending on your business, this may come in the form of a “case study” style whitepaper, or a short video review about your services.
  3. An eBook or research packet. A long, in-depth piece of content is a must for any landing page. You can assemble an eBook, meant to help your target market through a specific problem from start to finish, or present original research to an audience who needs the data.
  4. A healthy blog. Every brand needs a healthy, regularly updated blog. You should have ample written and visual material to inform readers about topics important to them, and publish new content on a weekly basis (at a minimum).
  5. FAQ and/or Help content. You may also need an FAQ section, or a Help page to assist customers who may not fully understand your products or services. The more technically complex your product is, the more important this content is.

Do you need help improving or creating these assets from scratch? Quez Media can help. Contact us today, and talk with one of our content experts to learn more.

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