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5 Signs Your Content Marketing Campaign Is Obsolete

Has your content marketing strategy kept up with the times?

Content marketing isn’t exactly new. It’s been around, in one form or another, for decades, and recent iterations of the strategy (in the digital tradition we’ve become familiar with) stretch back at least six years. Six years may not seem that long, but with so many technological advancements, changing trends, and other evolutions, it’s easy for a content marketing campaign to fall behind the standard.

So is your content marketing campaign currently obsolete?

Here’s how to tell:

  1. You only use written content. Written content is still one of the most effective tools you have to gain attention cost effectively, but if you aren’t using images and videos, you’ve fallen behind the times. People love visual content (and audio content), so written content alone won’t cut it.
  2. You aren’t capitalizing on new social platforms. Are you only on Facebook and Twitter? You’re neglecting newer platforms, like Instagram, which have powerful potential reach. Do your research and select the platforms that give you the biggest possible audience.
  3. You’re recycling the same tired topics. Look at the topics you wrote about three years ago. Are they similar to what you’re writing now? If so, your campaign needs a facelift.
  4. You’re focusing on keywords (and keyword density). Keywords used to be a powerful way to ensure higher search engine rankings. Today, semantic search has rendered them somewhat obsolete. Keyword focus is still important, but you can’t stuff your content with keyword phrases and hope to rank for those specific queries.
  5. You focus on quantity instead of quality. Quantity used to be the most cost efficient way to expand your reach, but these days, quantity alone won’t cut it—there’s too much competition, and too few opportunities. Instead, your campaign should be focusing on quality.

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