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How to Write a Pitch for Your First Guest Post

Use these strategies to write a pitch for your first guest post.

Guest posts can be incredibly powerful as part of your content marketing and inbound marketing strategy. A well-written guest post will improve your brand reputation, earn you referral traffic, and possibly earn you a link—which is vital if you’re working on a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

If you have a reputation already, getting guest post spots on high-profile publishers isn’t hard. But if you’re just starting out, you’ll be facing an uphill battle trying to get your first few features.

Thankfully, there are some tips that can help you write the perfect pitch for your first guest post.

Understand the Publisher’s Niche

First, write the pitch with the publisher’s niche in mind. You’ll be tempted to pitch a guest post that will advance your own goals and objectives, but it’s much better to prioritize the needs of the publisher. Consider your goals secondary, or else you’ll never earn a featured spot.

Write Directly to an Editor

Rather than writing a letter to a publication, write directly to an editor. Try to find the editor’s personal information on the website or on social media. Then, try to connect with them personally. Only if this isn’t an option should you write to a publisher generically.

Avoid Formulas

Editors get dozens, if not hundreds of emails a day from people who want to capitalize on the publication’s visibility. If you don’t stand out, or if you seem like you’re desperate for selfish gain, you’re going to end up in the Deleted folder. Avoid formulaic emails; instead, write the email like you’d write it to someone you know personally, and tailor it to the publisher and editor.

Pitch the Right Idea (and Pitch It Concisely)

Your pitch should be focused on pleasing the editor, the publisher, and most importantly, the audience. Make sure it’s something original, too. Write a few sentences describing it, and try not to be overlong or indulgent in your description. Your email, overall, shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to read.

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