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Content Marketing 101: The Basics You Need to Get Started


Content marketing is one of the most cost-efficient marketing strategies around, but it’s hard to gain momentum unless you know what you’re doing.


Content marketing might seem simple in theory, but once you sit down to start, you might find yourself perplexed and uncertain. Sure, the premise is basic: write informative, engaging posts on a weekly basis to build a loyal audience and increase site traffic. But how do you get started?

We’ve broken down the process into a series of steps:

1.  Know your target audience. What type of people are they? What would they want to read about?

2.  Find your brand voice. If you don’t already know your brand’s voice, it’s time to get familiar with it. Is it casual or professional? Complex or simplistic?

3.  Consider your main topics. To start, pick out two or three main topics you’ll be writing about. After a while, you can work others into rotation.

4.  Sketch out an editorial calendar. To start small, one post per week is plenty. Come up with some post titles, and assign dates to each one. Consistency is key!

5.  Begin writing. Pop out your first post and publish it! But wait… how do you know what you’ve written is good?

Great posts always contain the following:

·  3-400 words of meaty content

·  Minimal “fluff”—very concise body copy

·  A catchy headline that makes people want to click

·  An interesting opening line to summarize the article and give people an overhead view of your intentions

·  Multiple sections or lists to draw the eye and allow speed readers to get the gist of your post

·  An accompanying image to please the eye

Once you’re all set with posts, start syndicating on at least one channel, such as an RSS feed or a social media platform. In time, you’ll find your audience and work the kinks out of your system.

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