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Higher Education Marketing: One Simple Strategy to Generate Leads


The world is becoming increasingly complex, and as a director in higher education marketing, the options for your lead generation campaign are practically limitless. There are dozens of mediums to choose from, ranging from simple postcards to complex social media networks, and dozens of possible tactics to get new information.

But simplicity is what gets results.  

One simple channel or one simple tactic in the world of higher education marketing will likely not be enough to get you the results you want. But one strategy, uniting multiple channels and applications, can unify your higher education marketing direction and really jump start your lead generation campaign.

Use a content marketing program to generate leads.

That’s it. All it takes to build up a reliable, steady stream of incoming leads for a college or a university is a solid and consistent content marketing strategy. The fundamental idea behind this is that prospective students have infinite access to any items, businesses, or information in the world. The more valuable information you have to offer them, the more likely they are to find you organically. Prospective students who naturally search for information and find you are far more likely to convert than prospective students who are bombarded with outbound marketing schemes.

What this means is you’ll need to regularly write and publish quality, informative content that your prospective students actively want to read. Not sales pitches, not promotional language—quality, valuable information.

Use a consistent branded voice throughout all your applications, from Facebook posts to mailed brochures, and always keep in mind your audience’s primary interest. Over time, you’ll develop a careful reputation as a major authority amongst incoming students and prospective students alike. Before you know it, random students will be finding you naturally, and will take initiative to contact you instead of just filling out forms when prompted.

Setting up a solid content marketing campaign takes time and effort, but there are plenty of people around to help. Work with us to identify your target audience and generate the initial momentum you need to build traction.

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