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Last Minute: What You Need to Know When You Need to Print NOW


We’ve all been there. You have one or two days to get that brochure printed before the tradeshow, and you have nothing together for it.

Last minute rush printing is stressful for everyone involved, but with the right attitude and the right understanding the process becomes smoother and much more manageable. Before you start freaking out, understand these basic concepts and prepare yourself honestly for the situation.

Anything is Possible… for a Price

That’s right. No matter how deep your troubles seem or how tough that rush appears, anything is possible for a price. You might be focusing on the first part of that sentence, and yes, for the most part it is true. With the right printer under the right circumstances, almost any print-related feat can be accomplished. The flip side of that truth is that the “right circumstances” often involve ridiculous prices. Depending on how much of a rush you need, you’ll end up having to do a cost-benefit analysis to determine whether the elevated prices are worth the miracle turnaround.

Design Woes

If you haven’t gotten the design completed, you’re in trouble. There’s no getting around it. Yes, most design firms have rush design services—but even though you’ll get a design quickly, the quality will be inferior and the price will be explosively higher. Designers need time to produce quality materials; if you’re already in the middle of a rush, there’s no getting around it, but expect lower quality work and a rush surcharge.

Don’t Expect Options

Talented marketing firms can make anything work, but don’t expect to have much wiggle room. Rushes often have a narrow window of opportunity—a specific printer, a specific style, a specific timeframe, tight delivery requirements… when you have a rush, be prepared for limitations so try to make the best of what’s available to you.

Nobody likes dealing with a rush print job, but with the right attitude and the right expectations you can take control of the situation entirely.


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