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Why Are Manufacturers So Hesitant to Use Digital Marketing?

Manufacturing is one of the oldest industries in the country, but many manufacturers are falling behind the times.

Manufacturing is an old-world industry, but that doesn’t mean it needs to rely on old-world marketing strategies. Too many modern manufacturers have failed to update their strategies for the digital age, investing exclusively in traditional marketing methods like printed ads and call-based outreach, rather than digital strategies like inbound marketing.

But why is this the case?


First, some manufacturers are 100 years old or more. They have a stable list of clients they’ve been serving for generations, and they’ve relied on the same tactics for most of that time. Because their internal processes haven’t changed much, they tend to stick to their comfort zones and keep the machine running as is.


Some manufacturers look to their competitors; because they also haven’t updated their strategies, they’re lulled into believing that digital marketing strategies don’t work, or aren’t worth pursuing. The irony here is that the lack of digitally marketed manufacturers means the door is wide open for any manufacturers who choose to pursue it to dominate the online competitive space.

The Unknown

Manufacturers know that their processes currently work—even if they don’t work well. Digital strategies represent the unknown; they may perform better, but they may also perform worse. It’s easier to stick with a known variable than to make a change, so few manufacturers end up upgrading.

Overcoming Apprehension

It’s never too late to update your strategy. Recognizing the factors holding you back from transitioning to a modern marketing campaign can help you overcome your initial apprehensions, and start generating a higher ROI for your business. If you’re interested in learning more about how digital marketing can bring manufacturers into the modern age, contact the experts at Quez Media today!

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