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Are You Using Email Marketing? Here’s Why You Should

Email marketing is an underrated and classic marketing strategy.

Email marketing has been around as long as email has been popular–for more than 20 years. But that age hasn’t weakened it as a possible marketing strategy. In fact, email marketing is as effective as ever, and if you aren’t currently integrating it into your strategy, now’s the time to get started.

Here’s why:

  • Approachability. Email marketing isn’t hard to understand, nor does it take much time to learn. As long as you get basic marketing fundamentals, you can pick it up in a few days.
  • ROI. Email marketing continues to have the highest ROI of any digital marketing strategy, mostly because of how little it costs up front.
  • Engagement rate. People subscribing to your basics news letter or want to read your content, which gives email marketing a higher engagement rate than other marketing forms that focus on reaching out to new individuals.
  • Strategic complements. Email works perfectly alongside SEO, content marketing, and other online marketing strategies. It complements and supports your work in other areas.
  • Growth potential. As long as your subscriber list keeps growing, email marketing has endless potential.

If you’re ready to get started with your own email marketing campaign and need help to build momentum, contact Quez Media today!

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