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5 Changes to Immediately Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Use these changes to give your content marketing strategy an instant boost.

Content marketing is a strategy predicated upon long-term growth. You develop content, promote that content, engage with your audience, and very gradually begin to see the results. Accordingly, improving your strategy is oftentimes a slow, iterative process; it takes time to learn what your audience wants to read, and even longer to apply and measure those changes.

But what if you want to see faster results?

Fortunately, there are a handful of strategies that can grant you almost instant improvements.

  1. Get rid of obsolete posts. Content marketing isn’t just about producing fantastic new work—it’s also about modifying the work you’ve already done. Start by combing through your old posts, and getting rid of any posts that are no longer relevant or accurate. If someone encounters a low-quality, obsolete post, it could reflect poorly on you. Keep things up to date.
  2. Consolidate low-quality posts. There are probably lots of posts that were written based on lower standards or older processes, so consider consolidating them. It’s better to have one, very high quality post than dozens of tiny, inconsequential ones.
  3. Invest in a promotional campaign. If you have great content already, bring more attention to it with the help of a promotional campaign. Spend some money on direct advertising to get more eyes on your best work.
  4. Reach out to a new publisher. Getting published in a new location, with a new link and author bio, is incredibly powerful. Start reaching out to new prospective publishers so you can start getting momentum for a new partnership.
  5. Start an original research effort. Admittedly, this strategy will take some time to pay off, but original research is one of the most valuable things you can do in a content marketing strategy. Start early, and get the data you need to make some truly incredible finished content.

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