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5 Keys to Get Your Content Accepted by Publishers

Offsite content is important for any SEO strategy, but how do you get your content accepted?

Offsite content is valuable for your brand, and for many different marketing strategies at once. Good content marketer will boost your brand reputation, your links will forward referral traffic to your site, and authoritative links will pass authority to your domain, boosting your search engine rankings (and earning you even more traffic).

But all these benefits are completely dependent on your ability to get content published with external publishers. These tips can help you accomplish this:

  1. Develop an archive of high-quality content. First, make sure you have lots of high-quality articles on your site. When publishers investigate your credentials, the first place they’ll look is your existing site. If you have a valuable and well-written portfolio to show them, your chances of getting accepted will be much higher.
  2. Start with low-authority publishers. Don’t try to get published on major, nationally renown publishers right away. Instead, start with lower-authority publishers. Publishers within your specific niche and those that are local to your area are good bets. From there, you can start working up the ladder.
  3. Offer original ideas. Don’t pitch article ideas that have been done hundreds of times already. Try to offer a new idea, or put a spin on an idea that’s already been done. Take a controversial stance, or flip an idea on its head if you end up getting stuck here.
  4. Pitch based on reader value. Your pitch needs to be valuable to your publisher, which means it needs to appeal to readers. Research the audience of the publisher before you flesh out your idea, and cater to their preferences.
  5. Build rapport with your publishers. Once you start a dialog with a given publisher (or editor), work on building a relationship with them. Listen to their feedback and advice, and follow their requests whenever possible.  

If you can follow these strategies, you can get more content published offsite. If you need help with your SEO or content marketing strategy, contact Quez Media today!

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