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5 Problems That Can Kill an Email Marketing Campaign

These issues can kill an otherwise promising email marketing campaign.

Many marketers turn to email marketing because of its impressive potential return on investment (ROI). It doesn’t take much time or cost much money to pursue email marketing, and the upside is huge, so it remains one of the most popular online marketing strategies available. Unfortunately, it’s also a vulnerable online marketing strategy; if you aren’t careful, there are many variables that could compromise your results.

These are some of the biggest problems capable of killing email marketing campaigns:

  1. Bought lists. You should never buy a list to fuel your email marketing campaign. It’s a tempting move, especially if you’re a new company without an organically cultivated list of your own. But it’s much better in the long run to develop your list from people who are genuinely interested in your company. Lists are typically full of obsolete information, dead ends, and uninterested people—all of which will harm your results.
  2. Delivery issues. You might also suffer from the possibility of bad or incomplete delivery. If your email addresses don’t exist, if your emails are getting flagged as spam, or if you’re using a poor email platform, your sent emails might never reach your recipients’ inboxes.
  3. Bad subject lines. Subject lines are arguably the most important part of your email; they determine whether readers open your message to continue reading more. If your subject lines don’t work, your entire campaign could fall apart.
  4. No calls to action (CTAs). A good email needs to have a strong call to action (CTA). In other words, what’s incentivizing people to buy your product, or take the next step?
  5. No follow-ups. Most people won’t respond to the first email you send. Email marketing campaigns get their power from repeated follow-ups. Be prepared to send several messages before you start to see results.

Be on the lookout for these issues, and develop your email marketing campaign responsibly. Contact us if you’re in need of more help for your next online marketing strategy.

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